Friday, 25 May 2012

When the Sun Goes Down...

The weather in London is beautiful today!  It’s so much nicer waking up in the morning with my windows open and the sun shining, hopefully this means summer is here to stay...

I have a weekend packed full of sun related activities which I hope I can handle!  Since I got back from Vegas I have been getting migranes and blurred vision and it appears to be bought on when i’m out in the sun – not good when it’s the start of the summer and I love sitting out in it, but i’m going to the doctors next week to see if they can tell me what it is causing it.  A few people have said it might be dehydration or that I need glasses.  I don’t know what it is but ever since I was little I have always liked the idea of having glasses.  Obviously I am not encouraging my eyesight to start failing, but if I DID need to wear glasses at work I wouldn’t have a breakdown about it!

Tonight I am going to the pub with Charlie and to meet up with a few friends I haven’t seen for what feels like ages!  It’ll be nice to potentially sit outside in the beer garden and have a few drinks.  Evenings always seem so much longer when the sun is out (for obvious reasons...).  Tomorrow I have the next Rejam instalment which I am very excited about! 

As the weather looks like it’s going to be hot again i’ve bought this top to wear with leggings and vans, just so i’ll be comfortable as well as fully embracing the summer attire.  I love the colours of this top, loving the dip dye faded out trend with clothes at the moment and the colours remind me of sunsets... can you tell I am totally in love with the sun at the moment?

Sunday will hopefully be spent again in the sun somewhere nice, maybe over the forest near where I live with my friends.  Today i’m at work and although I have my first bare legs day of the year, i’m starting to majorly regret it as the wind has lifted my skirt up on 2 occasions now – at least the builders working outside my office got a nice glimpse of my new Victoria’s Secret underwear – good job I wore some nice pants today!

What are your plans for this lovely sunny weekend?  Let’s hope the weather stays nice for bank holiday weekend!

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