Thursday, 24 May 2012

Top 5 Vegas Antics

As promised, I will now start probably my long line of Vegas blogs...

I’ve been pondering how to actually write this blog post, in between working, keeping myself busy to fend off the holiday blues and the lovely sunshine I haven’t really had time!  Really loving the weather in London at the moment, although it’s so much more unbearable when you have to sit on a stuffy central line.  Give me the heat with a cocktail in one hand and my ass in the pool any day!

Anyway, I didn’t want to bore you all with a step by step “what I did in Vegas aren’t you all jealous of me post” – I could seriously spend the entire day writing about it but i’m not sure if many of you will appreciate it.  Therefore, I have come up with a Top 5 Best Vegas moments post.  I think it’s nice to share the experiences i’ve had with you, so you can see more of what I am really like and what my personal life is like (i’m not JUST obsessed with make up you know!)  So without further ado, in no particular order...

1.     Pure Nightclub - Caesars Palace

This was our first night out on this holiday, we landed on the Monday night and went to Pure on the Tuesday night.  Caesars Palace is one of the best hotels in Vegas, the inside and outside is just stunning and we were all really excited about going to this club.  We got ready and had a nice drink in a bar inside the hotel opposite Pure called the Seahorse Lounge.  If you have been to Vegas before you’ll know that they don’t do things by half out there and this bar was stunning.  It had a massive tall aquarium in the middle filled with seahorses and it was a lovely place to go first for a cheeky cocktail while we assessed the queue for the club.  Obviously I could smoke there too, so I was totally in my element.  After this we went into Pure, another beautiful club with a gorgeous roof terrace.  As Caesars is in the middle of the strip you get an awesome view of the surrounding hotels and all the lights.  It really helped get us excited for the holiday, once we were on the terrace it really bought it home to us that we were IN VEGAS AND OUR HOLIDAY WAS JUST BEGINNING!  I liked the music in Pure as it was all old school R&B – any club that busts out Girlfriend by Nelly & N*Sync is fine by me!  We went to the toilet and when we came out the bouncer invited us into the VIP area, where we ended up sitting on this old guys table and drinking all his drink.  This happens a lot in Vegas, they want girls in the VIP areas so they get a group of girls to sit at a table with a group of men and drink for free – god knows why but we weren’t complaining!  The dude we were paired with though was totally not that bothered about talking to us... he just wanted to have a good night, so much so that a prostitute he ordered turned up half way through the night and ended up sitting at the booth drinking with us too!  Only in Vegas...

Seahouse Lounge

View from the Terrace at Pure

Free Champagne anyone?

2.     Wet Republic

This was my favourite day on the holiday.  It was my friend Jo’s birthday on the Thursday and she has celebrated her birthday in Vegas for the last 3 years.  We decided to go to the Wet Republic Pool Party in our hotel (the MGM) during the day on her birthday, as it was a nice way to celebrate.  We got up early, put our outfits on and went to the pool.  In the MGM there are 5 seperate swimming pools, but Wet Republic is the other side of a wall so basically the only way you can experience it is to actually sort out guest list and go inside – it’s not just one of the hotel pools that plays music.  We hired a day bed which I *think* was $300 minimum spend which between 4 of us we easily ploughed through!  We ordered a couple of jugs of strawberry daiquiri and a few buckets of Bud Light Lime (<3) and spent the entire day in the pool.  We had met 2 groups of boys out there both on stag dos and they were all there too so it was a really lovely day, just having banter with everyone we had met and enjoying the sun on Jo’s birthday.  Since being home I have been told I look like Wonder Woman in my swimsuit, but I don’t care it looked FIT!

Ali, me, Jo, Charlie and Mark

Lovely ladies on our Daybed :)

Northampton meets Essex!

3.     Cirque Du Soleil – Mystere

One of the nights we wanted to have a relatively quiet one so we decided to book tickets to see Cirque.  The original one we wanted to see wasn’t showing that night (La Reve) so we went for Mystere instead and we weren’t disappointed.  It was brilliant and Jo and I were quietly pleased to realise it was the show that you see briefly in Knocked Up (when the 2 guys go to Vegas and take mushrooms and Cirque freaks them both out).  The acrobatics were amazing and after each section I thought to myself “that’s going to be my favourite bit” but then the next bit was better.  The trapeze artists were towards the end of the show and they were just incredible, although it was getting to the point where none of us could watch because it was so nail biting – they clearly didn’t mess any of it up though and I am so pleased I have finally seen a Cirque as they are just out of this world!  You'll have to excuse the pictures (stolen from the internet) as you couldn't take pictures inside the theatre...

4.     Marquee Nightclub – The Cosmopolitan

We went to this nightclub on a whim as we weren’t actually supposed to be going out this night.  One of the groups of boys we met were going as it was their last night in Vegas and they invited us along.  We had been speaking to them for pretty much the entire holiday so we decided to join them but because of our antics leading up to this night none of us could really be bothered – we all ended up going in flat sandals (in Vegas that is a no no considering most of the girls are dressed up like Courtney Stodden) but we had the greatest night ever!  Again the Cosmopolitan is set in the middle of the strip so when you are outside on the terrace there is an epic view of all the surrounding hotels.  The night got a bit messy and we ended up abandoning the club and walking back along the strip to the MGM to continue the party.  We were all drunk so GOD knows what time we left the club or how long the walk took, all I know is we ended up in the McDonalds in our hotel at 6am and didn’t get to sleep until 7am – then we had to get up at 9am as we agreed to spend the morning with the boys by the pool before they left.  Brilliant send off for the boys and another great night in Vegas to add to our list – shots anyone? ;)

Boys last night :(

5.     Pimp Cat

Last but not least, one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life.  The day after Marquee once the boys had left we were all TOTALLY dying, to the point where we couldn’t even sit by the pool as we were in such a state.  Jo and I decided to walk down to the pharmacy so I could pick up more OPI polish (yes I was obsessed) and on the way there we came across PIMP CAT.  He was sitting on a tramps lap (I presume the tramp owned him), decked out in his PIMP wifebeater, sunnies and munching his way through a bag of Cheetos, and it was the funniest thing I had ever seen EVER.  I don’t know what was even so funny about it as I have seen countless pictures of animals dressed up before, but I think it was the expression on this cats face – he did not give one inch of fuck where he was, what he was doing or what he looked like.  He was just sitting there eating and looking reemo.  Jo and I were in absolute fits taking the picture and for the rest of the holiday every time I held my phone up to show her the picture we would crack up laughing again.  Pimp Cat has helped to cheer me up and quell my holiday blues so therefore I’m thinking of buying my own pimp cat, but I just don’t think he’d have the attitude*.

*It has since been bought to my attention that as Pimp Cat’s owner was a tramp, Pimp Cat could well have been under the influence of drugs, therefore making him not care that he was wearing the radest outfit every owned by an animal – Is it bad that it doesn’t make it any less funny?  I hope he wasn’t on drugs, but if he was it would just fit in with his persona a bit more.  LONG LIVE PIMP CAT.

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