Thursday, 15 March 2012

30x30: Dan Fardell

So my friend Dan is a Graphic Design teacher, and although I have nothing to do with design or am not particularly arty, I am an avid follower of his blog because the visuals are just so interesting.  He blogs about the projects he is working on with his groups and the inspiration behind the designs and the final outcome is something I love to see.  Dan is really passionate about his work and is always holed up in his little cubby hole at home working on different personal projects as presents for friends and family.  He has shown me a few designs before that I have got really excited about and he was also the mastermind behind my business cards.  What a clever little sausage he is!

Dan has recently completed one of his greatest projects to date, which he has called 30x30.  It’s a ‘self promotional project inspired by the works of Andy Gilmore’ and he has created a design every day in February, from 31st Jan to the 29th Feb.  Each design is a product of something he has experienced that day, you’ll be able to see what sort of day he had from the text on the designs haha!  The ‘designers’ out there will probably see the connection more, whereas to my untrained eyes they just look like pretty pictures, but I can appreciate them none the less. 

The designs are available to buy if anyone wants some, you can contact Dan via email on his blog and see all the designs there too.  The link is HERE and for now here are some of my favourite pieces, but please go to his blog to check out every design as it took me about an hour to pick my favourite ones.  

Congrats Dan on completing this awesome project, i’m a very proud Morshy right now xx 

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