Thursday, 13 September 2012

Models Own Mirrorball Collection

It's finally hereeeeeeeeee!

I ordered the Mirrorball Collection from Models Own on Monday and have been eagerly awaiting it’s arrival all week. You’ll have to excuse the rushed pictures in this post, but as of 5pm this evening I will be in festival mode and will not have any other time to post this, plus I wanted to show you how amazing and awesome the polishes are before every other blogger in the entire world does!

The polishes come in 5 different colours and if you buy the set for £20 (as I did) you get the standard free top coat with it. You can never have too many top coats! The colours are as follows:

Boogie Nights
Clear top coat with pink, purple, blue and red hexagonal
and round glitter pieces - Predominantly purple effect

Dancing Queen
Clear top coat with green, blue, gold & yellow diamond
and round glitter pieces - Predominantly green effect

Disco Inferno
Clear top coat with gold, green, red and bronze round
and triangular glitter pieces - Predominantly gold effect
Hayleys Comet aka Freak Out!
Clear top coat with blue, pink, red and mint green triangular
straight and round glitter pieces - Predominantly blue effect

Hot Stuff
Clear top coat with red, pink, yellow and orange triangular,
round and square glitter pieces - Predominantly pink effect

I love glitter nail polish anyway, but this is the first glitter I have come across that is similar to my beloved OPI Rainbow Connection in that the glitter is all different shapes and sizes. I love the effect this gives and love that each of these polishes has different shapes, they aren’t all the same but different colours! As you can see from the description some have triangular shapes, others hexagonal etc. Overall this gives the impression that you haven’t just bought 5 of the same polishes in different colours, but you have truly bought 5 different polishes.

I haven’t had a chance to swatch on my nails as the festival nails got done last night (leopard print FYI) but I did a bit on the box the polishes came in so you can get a general idea of how they apply. I think each of them will take a few coats to really achieve a decent look, but they aren’t bad as a topping or a subsection with additional nail art. I cannot wait to try these out when I get home!

From left to right:
Boogie Nights, Disco Inferno, Hayleys Comet, Hot Stuff, Dancing Queen

The Mirrorball Collection is available from the Bottleshop in London Westfield or online at  They will also be sold in Boots nationwide from October 3rd.  £5 per polish or £20 for the set including top coat - get it while you can!

From tomorrow till Monday i’ll be at The Zoo Project Festival in Port Lymphe Wildlife Park in Kent, so will pretty much be out of action until at least Tuesday (hopefully otherwise it’s a weekend wasted!) Hope you like the polishes and I hope you all have an awesome weekend! x

UPDATE:  I spoke to my sister on the phone this morning who worked out that I had been sent a differnet nail polish colour with my Mirrorball Collection - turns out that Hayley's Comet isn't a Mirrorball colour, I should have received Freak Out instead!  I've spoken to Models Own about this who have advised that the labelling on some of the bottles was incorrect - Hayley's Comet is a unreleased colour as of yet, so although the label on my bottle is wrong, the colour of the polish is actually Freak Out - just in case you wondered why I was calling my polish something different to yours!


  1. Love these morsh! Definitely have to purchase! Xx

    1. Get them Kanks! My favourites are Hayleys Comet and Disco Inferno :)

  2. Did you get it from Boots?

    I can't wait to get these, I'm pretty much out of Ibiza mix, it's my favourite glitter polish!

    Jess xx

    1. I ordered them online from the Models Own website Jess - I ordered them around lunch time on Monday and they arrived this morning so not too bad for standard delivery! I think they go on sale in Boots on the 21st though if I remember correctly...

      They are really similar to Ibiza Mix in the way that they apply - Ibiza Mix is one of my favourites too, the colours of it means it goes with absolutely anything!

      God I love Models Own glitters.

  3. I am definitely buying them. I love glitter too much.

    1. I never used to be that much of a glitter fan because I kept using Nails Inc glitter thinking they were the be all and end all of nail polish (I had NO IDEA back in the day). Models Own & OPI have opened my eyes to just how amazing glitter polish can be!

      Get these, they are bloody lovely in real life!

  4. Oh my god these are amazing, brilliant pictures Morshy!! I love them all, I don't think I could choose a fave although Disco Inferno would go with pretty much everything as it's gold!! Where can we get them from?? I need them in my life xx

    1. Thanks Charlie :)
      They really are awesome, my favourites are Disco Inferno and Hayleys Coment - Hot Stuff appears to be the weakest when it comes to coverage in 1 layer, but still good!

      You can get them online at now, Westfield London in the bottleshop or if you wait until October 3rd they'll be available nationwide in Boots - not sure if boots will stock the entire collection, and if they do I can't see it being around for long! xxx