Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Front Cover Cosmetics: Autumn/Winter Preview

Last night I went along to the Front Cover Cosmetics preview of their new Autumn/Winter collection – muchos excited!

I have previously been bought Front Cover sets for Christmas and one thing I loved about their makeup was just how pigmented each product is – It’s not often you come across strong eye shadow colours that actually apply to your eye the same colour they look in the package, but these ones do!  I went to the event with my lovely friend Jamie and we were greeted with champagne and cupcakes (yummy) and got to have a good look around the new offerings.  The event was held at Karine Jackson Hair and Beauty salon just off Leicester Sq, so they had each different make up set displayed in front of a hair station, so you could sit down and have a good look at all the different products within the set and try them on using the mirrors.  They had a makeup artist using the sets to apply different looks using the shadows and lipsticks etc, and then at the back they had a lady using the ‘Dark Arts’ nail art set to create lovely nail art using the sequins, diamantes and wraps included in the set.

One aspect of Front Cover I really like is the packaging.  Each set comes in a hard box that you flip open like a book, which helps to protect the make up inside and keep it all contained in an easy to store format.  The ‘front cover’ of each box is set out like a magazine and shows a different range of looks you can achieve using the products inside.  On the inside front cover they tend to have techniques to use to achieve specific looks and a lovely man called Simon explained that underneath the products inside the box they are now going to be including a step by step guide showing you how to use each and every item included in the set.

The colours were AMAZING.  Normally when you come across autumn/winter collections they are very focused around the standard black, silver, purple and grey shadows but Front Cover have branched out slightly and as well as using these colours they have amazing jewel greens, bright purples, really pigmented coppery rust colours, faded yellows and browns.  Teaming these bright colours with the usual dark and seeing how pigmented they are would make it really easy to achieve an easy, quick statement eye colour.  The shimmery shadows (such as the silvers, bronze, whites) almost look reflective once applied to the skin.

Another nice touch with FC Cosmetics is that they include everything in the kit you would need to achieve these looks.  They don’t just provide you with the shadows – they give you the brushes too.  The nail kit doesn’t just come with the wraps, it comes with glue and a small pair of scissors to cut them down to your size.  The sequins and diamantes for the eyewear aren’t just in a pot, they are next to a pair of miniature tweezers so you can pick each speck up easily.  I like this as there is nothing more annoying than buying a set and realising that you have to fumble around using your fingers to do things as you don’t have the correct equipment to apply it properly.

I liked 3 sets in particular, and I’ve detailed each set below:

Front Cover Desk to Date - £16.00
This set is a small compact eye shadow kit, including 10 Highly Iridescent Super Pearl Baked Powder shadows in jewel colours, and 8 Satin Pressed Powder shadows along the bottom.  The kit comes with 2 separate brushes and quite a large mirror to make applying on the go easy.  The colours in this set are beautiful in real life and again SO SO SO pigmented.  This set is perfect to whack in your bag the day of your Christmas party and because the colours are so strong and the brushes are included, it’s all you need to transform your look from desk to date – perfect!

Front Cover Kissogram - £22.00
This set is all centred around lips.  It comes complete with 16 mini lipsticks, a nude lip liner, a retractable lip brush (which is BRILLIANT), a highly pigmented gold lip pencil and a pot of edible lip glitter.  I loved all of the lipsticks, they ranged in colour from deep berry to sheer pink, with corals, oranges, pinks, reds and purples in between.  One swipe on the lips showed the true colour so you didn’t have to layer it on thick, and they feel smooth and conditioning on the lips.  The lip pencils were equally as awesome and the edible lip glitter was a nice touch although I kept biting it off my lips as I could feel it on there – a bonus to this is that it’s edible, doesn’t taste horrible and I have it on good authority that it actually makes your wee glittery – I don’t know if it makes me weird but I was excited about that!  Not the sort of thing I would show off though...

Front Cover Party Queen - £35.00
My favourite set of all, this has a lovely mixture of eye shadows, glitter, nail polish, pencils, lip gloss and the tools needed to apply.  The Glitter Ball Baked Dome eye shadows were similar beautiful jewel colours as seen in the Desk to Date set but this set also included 6 wet/dry eye shadows.  Dry they are pigmented and bright, but wet they are truly outstanding – creamy, thick and very noticeable.  The glitter powder and the glue is a nice touch but my favourite part of this set is the Melted Metal Cream Eye shadows.  The colours are AMAZING, a lovely jade and bright purple, they have just the right amount of cream vs powder in the formula but once applied do not feel thick or tacky.  I can imagine creating a look with this set would be super easy and super rewarding in terms of the different avenues you can go down just using this one item – the possibilities are endless!

The new collection with be available from the end of September to either buy online at www.frontcovercosmetics.com or QVC.  FC will no longer be selling in Boots as Boots were big meanies and tried to make FC compromise on the quality of their products – judging by last night’s offerings, I am really glad Boots didn’t win.

Well done Front Cover, can’t wait to get my mits on these!


  1. Honestly cannot thank you enough for coming and helping to make the event a success, really glad you enjoyed the evening and was lovely to see you - Great blog, beautiful photos, thrilled to bits - all our love Michelle and Liz xxxxxx

  2. Ah thanks for reading Michelle - was lovely to meet you both and the pleasure was all mine, I had a great time! Thanks again xxx

  3. Brilliant blog post, so well written as always!! I love the Kissogram lipsticks best xx

  4. I couldn't agree more Morshmellow - fabulous products.... all of them!! Cannot wait for the A/W collection! THANKYOU FRONTCOVER x