Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Living for the Weekend...

I’m back!!!!  If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know that I was away at my last festival of the year this weekend (sob).  I went to The Zoo Project Festival, held at Port Lymphne Safari and Wildlife Park in Kent and I had THE MOST AWESOME TIME.

I went with Charlie and Jo, but met all of the Rejam crew there for 3 days of raving and bantering.  I couldn’t wait to get messy in a field with some of my all time favourite people and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  We decided that between us we would book a Pod Pad as it’s so much easier for us girls.  None of us owned a tent or a blow up bed so we would have had to buy one, pack it and take it with us, put the tent up and then take it down and carry it back and then someone would be tasked with having it cluttering up their house.  Instead we paid £300 for a pod and when we arrived at the campsite it was all ready and waiting for us, complete with 3 camp beds inside!  Perfect!

We chilled when we got there on the Friday and cooked ourselves some burgers (Jo, the mum of the group bought an epic camping stove so we had burgers, bacon sandwiches, hot water for hot drinks and pot noodles etc – everyone else on the campsite was seriously jel).  We went and met up with the Rejam boys in the festival about 5ish and spent the whole night dancing and bantering.  The festival had 3 different tents with different acts as well as lots of shops, food places and a Shisha tent.  Friday night was the night I first encountered Shisha Bob, literally the fittest guy ever who looked like Russell Brand and worked in the Shisha place.  We went back to our tents that night ready to sleep but unfortunately had a group of annoying northerners were next to us with a really loud boom box therefore we slept for about an hour total :/ Saturday we woke up and decided to go to the Safari park, as free entry was included in the festival ticket.  The safari was epic, we got on little trucks and got driven to the top of a massive hill and on the way we saw all the usual animals; giraffes, rhinos, buffalos, weird ginger deer things.  It was ace.  Once at the top I totally fell in love with the view up there.  Although it was in Kent, when looking out over the safari park all you could see were fields for miles and miles until you spotted sea (well, the Channel) in the distance and it really gave the impression that you were actually in Africa looking out over the plains.  You could hire out a tent/room thing called an Elephant Lodge which was basically a tent with a wooden decking floor but kitted out with a proper doubled bed etc.  When you woke up in the morning and pulled the tent wall back you were basically faced with the sunrise over the amazing view.  I can only imagine how beautiful it would be to sit on the balcony of an Elephant Lodge while the sun is setting and that has totally made me determined to stay there one day!

The festival once again was ace on the Saturday night, very messy.  I decided to stay sober on the Sunday and drive us home that night instead of staying a third night in the Pod.  Although it’s classed as VIP luxury camping (or that hateful word glamping) it still wasn’t the most comfortable of places to sleep.  Sunday ended up being my most favourite day – the music in the Secret Sundayz tent totally smashed it and we had such a laugh.  Ended up leaving around 11ish and arrived home about 1am.  I spent all of Monday either sleeping or throwing up (always signs of a good weekend) before going out for a massive Chinese and DVD session with Dutch in the evening.   I spent quality time with some of my favourite people and met some lovely new friends too.  It really was an amazing weekend and the perfect way to finish off festival season.  If Carlsberg did weekends, they would have done this one...

Highlights have to be the following: 
  • Accusing Dan of having PILLY WILLY, and then having to tell Charlie and Ellie what it meant
  • Wearing my cow onsie on the Saturday night and no one batting an eyelid
  • Playing pot noddle bowling with a super size box of cigarettes
  • Being part of the Famous Five <3
  • Having it so much all weekend that I ended up vomming my guts up all day on Monday
  • Saying “to be fair” ALL THE FUCKING TIME
  • Seeing Shisha Bob and imagining what our babies would look like
  • Drinking Panda Punch, the strongest cocktail I have ever had (god knows what was in it)
  • Having a red lipstick moustache while sitting on NPD’s back while he is dressed as a horse
  • Finding, opening, locking and indulging in the contents of The Chest with Jo
 Here are some of my favourite pictures from the weekend

Pod Pads!  Before the Northerners happened

Our little Pod for the weekend

Me being drunk and eaten by a lion while Eden observes
The view!

The Famous Five! xxx

NPD doing his best David Beckham impression

Caine and I rocking our animal hats - they had PAWS and everything!

Loving life in my cow onsie and a moustache (clearly)

Me, Jo and Charlie xxx

The Rejam Family <3

Thanks to my awesome friends, old and new, for making this weekend one to remember.  I love every single one of you xx

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  1. If Carlsberg did weekends they would definitely have done this one... what an amazing weekend with old and new friends!! I miss it so much just by reading your blog post!!

    I think my highlights are Pilly Willy, mong faces, the "shincident" (when Andrea discovered shit on Glenn's jumper), the ugly face contest and just the whole day in the Secret Sundaze tent, the best music of the weekend!!

    Thanks for a great weekend Morshy xxxxx