Friday, 10 January 2014

I'm baaaaaaaaaack


I am back, it’s 2014 and many things have changed...  Since my last post I have got engaged, moved countries and got a new job!

Only joking, I am still as boring, single and mouthy as I always was.  I’ve come back because after an extremely long bought of writers block, Celebrity Big Brother has inspired me to blog again and i’m telling you now it ain’t gonna be pretty...

I am sure previous readers of my blog will expect this post to be full of hate for Liz Jones, but surprisingly you are wrong.  I still think she is an awful waste of air and having to look at her vile, misshapen head every night on tv isn’t doing my nerves any favours, but she is not the object of my hatred.  Even though she smothers the whole bottom half of her face in Vaseline and walks around looking like she’s been jazzed on by a sperm whale, or says such frankly moron-ish things like (when asked if her mother was protective) said “yeah she really was, she just really didn’t want me to get run over or anything” (same as most mums out there I would have thought Liz?), I still have a special reserve of hatred for an alternative housemate.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Mr Lee Ryan. 

Straight off the bat let me make 1 thing clear.  How Lee has acted in the Big Brother house isn’t UNFORGIVABLE.  It’s not as if he was married and cheated on someone on tv or anything like that, and frankly in the grand scheme of things it’s really not a big deal at all.  The reason I despise him is because of how he has acted afterwards.

For those of you that aren’t in the know, Lee went into the house chained to a glamour model called Casey.  Standard page 3 girl, big boobs, pretty face, hair extensions etc but she seemed alright.  For the first few days Lee and Casey were chained together so obviously couldn’t leave each other’s side and got closer.  Lee was ALL OVER Casey, hugging her and kissing her and telling her how much he liked her etc.  It was a bit ridic.  Next night, having finally been unchained, he waltz’s off (literally) with Jasmine Waltz, a home-wrecking nasty piece of work from LA with a skin to plastic ratio higher than Barbie’s.  He snogs her and then spends the rest of his mundane existence all over Jasmine like a particularly annoying case of syphilis, and does it ALL IN FRONT of Casey.  Then when Casey gets upset, proceeds to say she is mental and a bunny boiler and she’s making him look like the bad guy and he hasn’t done anything wrong, he doesn’t want to be a player.

For starters Lee, you aren’t a player.  You are a little kid who’s not mature enough to interact with 2 girls at the same time without trying to get in their pants.  You are an idiot.  I can’t STAND boys like this.  Fair enough Lee is single and can do what he wants, but you HAVE  to  understand why Casey is upset.  If she starts developing feelings for a guy she THINKS likes her back, only for him to run off with American roadkill and flaunt it in front of her face she’s not going to be best pleased about it is she?

He’s doing the classic boy trick of trying to get himself off the hook by implying the girl is mad.  Lee’s argument is that he hasn’t known Casey that long and wasn’t actually ‘with’ her, therefore she can’t be annoyed.  We all know it’s not as black and white as that and Lee is losing fans (well I say fans, I actually mean people that previously tolerated him) by the bucket-load because of how disrespectful he is being to Casey. 

For any boys reading this, this is not the way to act.  Yeah fair enough sometimes you meet a girl and think you like her, then another girl walks in who’s prettier/skinnier/got bigger boobs etc and you decide you like her more.  We KNOW you all think with your dicks, so these sorts of situations hardly come as a surprise to most of us.  Just know that if this happens you should try and have enough respect for the first girl (especially if you are locked in a house with her for 3 weeks) to explain the situation to her, apologise and not flaunt the new relationship in front of her face.  You don’t have to make her feel stupid and insane to make yourself feel better.

Frankly I think it’s amazing that Lee has 1 girl interested in him at all, let alone 2.  This entire blog post isn’t about Lee Ryan specifically though, he’s just highlighted typical treatment of girls that happens in real life every day.  I just think boys need to know that they don’t ALWAYS have to act like cocks if they do something wrong.  Or even if they do something right.  BASICALLY BOYS JUST STOP ACTING LIKE COCKS PLEASE.

Oh and I just want to throw this out there; if Lee Ryan is in a house with the racist, sexist neanderthal Jim Davidson, the world’s most obtuse, vile journo Liz Jones and horse playmate Dappy from N-Dubz and STILL manages to be the most hated person in there, he has got some major issues.  ALL RISE!

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