Friday, 12 October 2012

Morsh in Pictures

Happy Friday ladies (and gentlemen, if there are any that read this!)

I have been AWOL this week, partly because I have been busy and partly because I have just been plugging my giveaway!   To make up for this I have decided to do a little picture post (I know everyone loves being nosy about people’s lives, me included) to show you what I have been up to :)
1. Me trying to distract myself from smoking by blowing bubbles instead :/
2.  MUA Lipstick
3.  Nails Inc Belgrave Place
4.  My Beauty Box Giveaway :)

1 & 2.  Baby Shower presents for my friends little bump - just under 4 weeks to go!
3.  Showcasing my new Primark boots in the beautiful English winter weather :(
4.  My LUNCH rules!

1 & 2.  Stupid antics pre Hoxton for Toast Underground's 2nd Birthday
3.  Sweeties and keepsakes from the baby shower!
4.  Mushroom nailssss biatch

1.  Early AM in Numptyville
2.  Oops, didn't mean to purchase these... actually yes I did
3.  The elastic band ball of GREATNESS that I inherited when I started working here
4.  Friday nails, Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Watermelon with Gold shizzle top coat accent
1.  EmmaK_25 - Winner!
2.  My lovely necklace :)
3.  Modelling the necklace - I bet Kate Moss is bricking it!
4.  Friday lunchtime amazingness
As you can see from the pictures, the lovely  Emma of won my giveaway!  I was really pleased with how many people entered and a bit sad I didn’t have something to give to each and every one of you!  All the blogs that followed me on GTC have been followed back and I am loving that I have some new reading material and friends!  Congratulations Emma, please let me know what you think of the box when you receive it!  

I also received a really nice gift in the post today!  The lovely people at Nifty Necklaces sent me a voucher code to get a free necklace thanks to a giveaway.  My friend had bought me a ‘Morsh’ necklace at Christmas which I loved but accidentally broke one awesome drunken night in Vegas.  I replaced it but shortly afterwards that one broke too :( As soon as I saw I had won this I was overly chuffed because I knew I would be able to replace my Morsh necklace – the voucher code they gave me even meant I got the delivery free, and the time spent waiting between ordering and delivery was quick (although because I was excited and being super impatient it felt like FOREVER!).  As you can see from the pictures it is really nice and quite big which I like, as the one I had before was slightly harder to read as it was quite small.  I’ll be sure to crack this out at very available opportunity, thanks again Nifty Necklaces!  If you want your own one, check them out on the website here – to be honest now I have seen one in real life I would definitely pay for it, it’s cheap for what you get!

Have a lovely weekend, i’ll be back to my blogging best on Monday (I hope!) xxx

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