Friday, 26 October 2012

Blogger Block

Bonjour friends!

God, I haven’t blogged for 10 days!  I have had such bad bloggers block, I don’t even know what to write about anymore :( I have decided to tell you what i’ve been up to in the last week just to get myself back into the swing of writing and hoping this will kick start some other super awesome blog posts that I hopefully have lurking away...

Last Thursday I got invited to an awesome event at my favourite boutique in Essex, I Am So Fly... I had been looking forward to this as they always have such dribble worthy clothes.  I arrived with my friends Charlie and Jo and we were greeted with a glass of champagne and a miniature cupcake from Loughton Cupcakes (absolutely AMAZING, I must have sneakily had about 8 of them, oops!)  We browsed the shop and checked out the clothes they were showcasing.  They had a few lovely girls from Space NK doing makeovers with Lauren Mercier products which I had never used before so Charlie and I both had our make up done. I went for a evening smokey eye while Charlie’s was more understated for a fashionable day time look. 

Cosy DKNY sleepwear // Studding AMAZINGNESS // Jo's hat // FOOD

Charlie getting her makeover // me having my eyes done // PRODUCTS // final verdict?

The store looked amazing, and you could see the amount of effort the girls at So Fly had put in to make the event a success.  If you ever need clothes for a special occasion or just want to treat yourself to a beautiful dress, get yourself down to this shop - I honestly could not recommend it highly enough!  Check out their website HERE to see all the beautiful clothes and accessories you can get you hands on.  Thanks to Emma and the girls for looking after us! 

I had a big one last weekend as it was my friend Julie’s hen party!!!  She’s getting married on 30th November and she is having all 11 of us as Bridesmaids (yes, she must be totally crazy!).  We went to Alton Towers for the weekend and it was really great.  We met up at Kayley’s house at 11.30am on Saturday morning (feeling slightly jaded from Rejam on Friday night but the excitement soon took over).  We had breakfast and then in true classy Essex girl style, all piled into a minibus to get to ALTON TOWERS!  We arrived about 3pm, chucked our gowns on and headed straight to the spa for a nice pamper.  A few of the girls had ‘mini treatments’ which were mini 15 minute massages for £10 each, and then we had full use of the pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam, foot spa, relaxation room and chill out area.  It was lovely and relaxing and just what we needed after a 4 hour journey!   We then headed back to the room to get ready for dinner, which was a lovely buffet based in the Splash Landings hotel next door. 

Cockcakes // me and the hen // dressing the hen up (oblig) // Bano and I enjoying the cock straws on the minibus

Inapproprite spa footwear // being classy ladies at the meal // ALL OF US! // Late night corridor bants

After the meal we went back to the bar for drinks and banter.  By 1am the hen and a few of the girls wanted to go to bed but the idiots of the group (me included) decided to stay up and try to crash a conference going on in one part of the hotel.  We recruited a random man dressed as the Childcatcher (but we decided to call him Clopin), but decided after a while it would be more fun to try and run away from him (for absolutely no reason at all might I add).  This resulted in a full scale sprint from one side of the hotel to another, fully running in heels down emergency exits and back to our normal hotel.  We then went and got changed into more comfortable clothes and decided to wreak havoc and run around the gardens outside.  We managed to find a weird corridor in the hotel that looked like a hospital corridor (or the sort of thing you would see at the end of your life) and dared each other to go down it, but none of us had the balls to apart from our friend Chloe.

Spooky Alton Towers Hotel // the horrific hospital corridor

Easily looking like the living dead // appropriate scare fest weather? // OBLIVION // my hen party goodybag

We then finally got to sleep at 3am and then woke up bright an early for breakfast the next morning.  We were going into the park that day and were dressing Julie up as a Corpse Bride, so the rest of us donned some face paint and tried to make ourselves look like the undead.  We had an awesome day in the park and I took some brave pills and managed to get myself on some rides.  RITA nearly broke my actual neck, it is horrifically fast!  A few of the girls went into the Tower of Terror and said it was the most horrific thing they had ever been in so i’m glad I swerved that one!

Having a relatively chilled one this weekend, looking forward to watching Derren Brown Apocalypse tonight (it looks amazing and I LOVE Derren!).  I got paid yesterday so have been trying my hardest to refrain from buying lots of beauty bits that I don’t need.  I did buy a new heated brush from Tresemme though, as now I have a fringe it’s so much easier to style using one of them... I’ll defo put a review up of it shortly!  Oh yeah, I NOW HAVE A FRINGE!  I did it, I was agonising over it for so long in the end my hairdresser just cut it anyway!  What do you guys think?

I have a guest post going up on the lovely Charlotte’s blog at 12.30, so click the link HERE to check that out too.  I have followed Charlotte's blog for a while and love it, she does such awesome product reviews so it's a real privilege to have a guest blog on her account - thanks again Charlotte!   

Oh one last thing, the scarefest weekend and the fact it is Halloween on Wednesday totally inspired me to create my own Halloween nails!  What do you think?  They look like they took me ages to do and were really time consuming but they totally weren't, the longest thing was waiting for the nail polish to dry!  If anyone wants to know how I did them or would like a tutorial for any of the nails let me know and i'll post one :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and hopefully i’ll be out of my blogging rut and back to my best shortly! x


  1. Love the fringe! I am having a bit of bloggers block at the moment so I'm going to spend the weekend coming up with some new ideas and looking for inspiration on the interweb.

    It's always frustrating when it happens isn't it!

    Jess xx

    1. Ah thanks Jess! Yeah it's annoying, I keep writing things and then reading them back and realising they are total rubbish! I think I just need to relax about it and stop trying and something will just come to me!

      Good luck looking for inspiration! :) xx

  2. I love the Halloween nails. What I like most is the bloody nails effect. It looks so real which is perfect for this Halloween.

  3. Love the fringe, really suits you!! And well done on the nails, I'm rubbish at nail art.
    I've nominated you for the Liebster award. Check it out here on my post: xx