Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Midnight City

Winter is here and it’s just as depressing as I thought it was going to be...

I am always torn between winter and summer.  Summer is FUN, hot, skimpy, outside and breezy and tanned.  Winter is cold and fatter, inside, full of FAT AND MUSHROOMS AND STEW.  I love the fashion in winter (thick leggings, fur stoles, big chunky boots and wooly hats) but can’t stand the weather.  It’s the exact opposite for Summer.  Spray tans are necessary, as are crash diets so you don’t look like a hippo in denim shorts.  The potential for a fashion disaster is far greater in summer.

I use this transition in seasons to change my hair style more often than not.  In summer I like hair off my face, so it doesn’t get stuck to my head like some sort of sweat blanket on the tube.  In winter I prefer a forehead carpet, a thick fringe covering my head up and stopping my eyebrows from getting frostbite.  This year I am torn.

I had a thick fringe last year and loved it.  I used to get compliments on it, to which I would reply “thanks, I grew it myself” like some retarded David Brent wannabe.  It was a bit of a nightmare for the first few weeks, refusing to sit correctly and parting like the red sea the minute Moses gives it the nod but it grew to do as it was told and I’d stroll around London with a warm forehead and the most hideously overgrown eyebrows (the fringe covered them up so plucking and waxing just became unnecessary, even though it really really WAS necessary).  I decided to grow my fringe out just as spring showed it’s face, deciding that I didn’t want a fringe when I went to Vegas in May as the thought of being in that heat with a load of hair stuck to my face made me want to VOM.  It grew and I have had a spam ever since.

I have now decided that after approx 9 years of having black hair, it’s time for a change.  I have spoken to my trusted hairdresser, who has confirmed that I can change my hair colour to a lighter brown (and therefore have my much longed for ombre) WITHOUT stripping, but I need to grow my roots to a disgustingly long length.  My natural hair colour is a browny (gingery), blondey (gingery) light-ish (gingery) colour, so when my roots grow my hair looks horrific and I am pretty sure Ian Beale in tramp mode would have more chance of pulling than I do.  I cannot BEAR the roots, so my way of thinking is if I had my fringe cut, the roots would be confined to the middle of my head and not visible from the front, therefore saving my dignity for the next 3 months.  m.  I had pretty much decided to go down this route, but stupidly thought I would ask everyone’s opinion.  Cue every male I know telling me they prefer my hair without the fringe as it makes me look prettier.  So now I have 2 options:

1.  Do not have a fringe and have the same colour for the rest of my life, OR have the most horrific roots known to man - teamed with a really boring haircut.

2.  Have the fringe, change the hair colour and end up having the hair I really want, but in the mean time deal with not being remotely attractive to any man in the world AND having a total fit when the fringe takes longer than a month to grow out.

I am in a serious dilemma and I don’t know what to do.  To fringe or not to fringe, that is the question...


Anyway, while I suffer with my inner turmoil, I have something to show you that almost made me wet my Victoria’s Secret pants on the train home on Friday night.  I sat on the train, so excited about the fact it was Friday that I fell asleep for 90% of the way, probably with my mouth open and dribbling everywhere.  When I woke up I had a text from my friend Jo that said “LOOK WHAT I’VE GOT (ONE FOR YOU!)” and the picture that appeared before me almost bought me to tears.  She’d only gone and got me a bottle of bladdy THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN OPI SKYFALL JAMES BOND SPESH EXTRAVAGANZA HADN’T SHE!  I spent the next 2 hours in an absolute frenzy, counting down the minutes till I could leave mine to go to our friends house and get it off her with my mucky grabby hands.  It didn’t disappoint and I rushed home and painted my nails with in INSTANTLY.

(In case you have been in a cave somewhere and don’t know what this polish is, it’s limited edition, 18 CARAT GOLD LEAF TOP COAT.  Yes, that’s right, 18 carat gold nails.  Yes.)

As you can see from the pictures it is AMAZINGGGGG!  Am I said because I probably would have paid £10 for the empty bottle alone?  The packaging is lovely, although it's hard to take a decent picture of it when you can see yourself in the bottle!

Anyway when I got down to painting the nails I was a bit dubious about using it for no reason because at £19 a bottle (wholesale price) it’s not the sort of polish i’d be using every day, but I just had to try it.  The pay off with the gold to the actual top coat was relatively good, although I found I had to paint on one layer and then dab extra bits into the gaps that hadn’t filled as much.  It dried relatively quickly and you didn’t have any of the annoying standy up bits of gold that you sometimes get with glitter – it lays perfectly smooth.

I love it, it’s amazing and I feel like a bit of a spaz telling people what it is when they ask – they might be thinking “you paid £20 for some gold to put on your nails?  Are you high?”  BUT Jo understood that it’s just one of those things I had to own.  Have you tried OPI TMWTGG before?  Would you, or would you buy it?  Love to hear your thoughts!

Just before I go, I have discovered a lovely awesome brilliant album called Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming by M83 and I think you should listen to this song and love it as much as I do.  NOW.




  1. I have just purchased the gold nail varnish!!! Super excited for that!
    I'm a winter kind of person, I don't like skimpy clothing haha I prefer thick jumpers and warm knit leggings xxx

  2. You look better without fringe but if you want the hair you wanted for ages and you really WANT it just have a frigne, keep your roots, the time for a new hair it will grow :)

  3. Option 2 - I like the fringe on you and your hair is thick enough to carry it off. I think a fringe is especially good in winter as you don't have to worry about sweating underneath it in the summer.

    Have the hair you want now and worry about not liking it next week. ;)

    Jess xx

  4. The James Bond Nail Varnish looks so special and as for the fringe, if you're still thinking about it now nearly two weeks later then I say get one because you'll probably never going to get it out of your head until you have it cut in! :) Like your blogging style, following!! xx