Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A Weekend in the Life of Morsh

As always my weekend was pretty eventful.  I’ll take you through it step by step (calm down).

I went to Westfield on Friday night with a few of my friends, DESPERATELY trying to find some wellies for the impending Festival season.  I managed to get some nice ones out of River Island, silvery with multi coloured glitter all over for only £25, bargs!  Kind of like this, but I don't think they are black on the bottom...

I have decided I really want a Snapback too, probably something to do with my ongoing obsession with all things Watch The Throne related (you can blame Jay and Ye for this).  I really want a BOY London one ala Rihanna but I think i’m too much of a white girl to pull it off.  I also replaced my All Over Face Colour from Bare Minerals.  I decided to go bareback and see what my face looked like after a full day of work without putting it on in the morning, and we decided my rating was an 8 out of 10 (10 being BAD TIMES) so that’s when I knew I had to buy more.  I looked dead without it!

Saturday was a good day (apart from once aspect explained later), as I went to Knebworth to see Red Hot Chilli Peppers with my friend Charlie.  My other friend Hollie decided to be an actual saint and agreed to drive us there and pick us up if we covered her petrol which was amazeballs.  I planned my outfit and was definitely channelling Festival Cyndi Lauper.  Army boots, tights (that eventually ended up being ripped all over when I accidentally stubbed my fag out on my own leg) a black dress with a netted skirt, denim shirt over the top, millions of necklaces and a trilby.  Picture below for all of you that haven’t bothered to read that outfit description.  We got there and met up with our friends Charlie, Jack and Eddie (Eddie went dressed as a Chilli – amazing) and had a wicked time.  Supported by Reverend and the Makers (rubbish) The Wombats (averagely good but just for the bants), Dizzee Rascal (weird choice but BLOODY BRILLIANT), finally RHCP came on around 8.30ish.  I decided at some point in between The Wombats and Dizzee Rascal to lose my phone too, so that was nice.  I am GUTTED, I had been taking pictures of us all being our usual hilarious selves and I lost all of those as well as EVERYTHING else I hold dear to me in life.  Just to clarify, i’m not sure if I lost my phone or got pickpocketed but does it really matter?  Either way it was annoying as fuck.  Decided not to let it ruin my night as you’re only at Knebworth seeing RHCP once (probably) so YOLO, I just forgot about it til I got home.  Highlights of the day included Eddie throwing a bottle in the crowd and starting a full scale bottle war, all of us rapping along to Dizzee Rascal like we were pure bredders and RHCP performing Charlie (I was with 2 people called Charlie).  The night ended when we had to walk 30 minutes through a pitch black muddy field to get to the shut slip road on the motorway that my friend couldn’t get up, and had to cross a roundabout and walk DOWN another slip road directly onto a motorway to get into her car while she illegally waited on the hard shoulder for us.  Fun times.

Charlie, Jack, me, Eddie the Chilli and Charlie - It was a Charlie sandwich!

Me and Jack

Me and Charlie in my garrrden xx

Sunday was an equally epic day.  The morning was spent on the phone to O2, the insurance company, security at Knebworth and the police.  Then I decided that I needed to do something to my hair (mainly get the beer out of it as we got absolutely beer bombed all day on Saturday), and get ready for the sporting highlight of the weekend.  I met my friends in a lovely restaurant in Loughton called Tuscany and we had some Dim Sum for lunch, then went to the mighty Nu Bar to watch England spectacularly fail in the football (as always).  Such a funny afternoon, lots of banter, men shouting and entertaining football chants.  I don’t think I have EVER seen that many boys in one bar, the girls and I were in sausage heaven!

Watching the football in the saus fest Nu Bar and singing England Till I Die - obviously

I literally have the busiest summer ever this year.  We have worked out that between now and September 15th, we only have 1 weekend free (4th August if you want to get me booked up completely).  It’s nice having plans and knowing all the exciting things we are doing, but it’s also a bit daunting knowing that I don’t have any flexibility in what I want to do at the weekend.  To be fair though it’s not as if I am doing hard time for the next 2 months, when all of your plans involve festivals, birthdays, nights out and general bants it’s not exactly a bad thing.

Hope you all had a good weekend, WHERE HAS THE SUN GONE?  For now I am going to leave you with this dedication to my poor stolen/lost iPhone – I miss you baby x

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