Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Day Make Up Routine - Summer / Holiday

If you are anything like me you HATE wearing heavy make up on holiday or when it’s sunny during the day.  Nothing makes me feel more disgusting then a face full of pore clogging foundation and a shed load of make up that’s likely to run in the heat!  I've run through my summer make up routine below, this is the normal routine I have for holiday day wear or days out in the summer (basically days when you want to look nice, but can't be dealing with a mask of make up) - Obviously if I am on holiday and just round the pool I just have sun cream on and have to deal with scaring small children.

Bare Minerals – Prime Time

I have gone on and on about this primer in my previous Bare Minerals post and that’s because I LOVE it.  Kind to your skin, it’s lightweight, easily blended, odour free and makes your face feel so soft – also the perfect base to apply your make up and make it long lasting.  Another bonus is that it didn’t affect my skin when I first started using it, as a few products have caused me to break out as I am not used to them, but this one was fine from the start.

Bare Minerals SPF15 Matte Foundation

I use this as a concealer, applying it using the Max Coverage Concealer brush also from Bare Minerals.  I just dab a bit of it under my eyes and cover any blemishes.  As this is also a foundation, when in a concentrated form it provides really great coverage but still feels lightweight on your skin.  After I have applied it as a concealer I use the Full Flawless Face Brush to swipe the excess over my face – This is brilliant for holidays as it’s SPF15 so will provide you with a small amount of sun coverage too, perfect if you wake up hungover looking like a monster and want something to attempt to cover up the proof of the carnage the night before!

17 BB Blemish Balm

If I feel like I need a bit of extra coverage (normally of an evening on holiday or on a particularly ugly day in the UK) I use this BB Balm.  I always speak highly of 17 products as although they are cheap they really do the job.  I like this as it’s quite a pigmented BB balm but not as much as foundation, somewhere in the middle.  I feel like I am wearing foundation when judging it on the level of coverage, but it’s super silky and light on your skin, so you don’t have that ‘caked on’ feeling when you put it on.

NARS Illuminator in Laguna

While in Vegas I decided to get a NARS value set as I hadn’t used any of their products before (believe it or not!).  I went with the NARS Beach Lover set which was perfect for me and I mainly bought it for the Illuminator (it also came with a Blush Duo, Soft Touch Shadow Pencil and Lip Gloss).  I apply a small dab of the Illuminator over my face once the primer, BB cream and concealer is applied as it sits a lot better with a even base to work with.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say it makes me look massively tanned (it IS just an Illuminator after all) but it does what it says on the tin - gives my skin a nice healthy glow and it does make you look a little bit browner – the colour of the Illuminator is basically a browny bronze and it looks a bit daunting, so I suggest you only use a dab of it otherwise you’ll end up looking like you’ve just applied a mud pack!  It’s odourless and the same as everything else in this post, is very lightweight.

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

I just use this pearlescent highlighter over my cheekbones to give me a nice shimmer.  I find this brightens up my complexion a lot, even though it’s not used on my entire face.  It’s oil free too, so nice and lightweight.

Bare Minerals All Over Face Colour in True

I use the Flawless Face Brush to apply a dab of True to each cheek, just to give me a bit of colour.  As nice as it is applying all the make up above, I feel afterwards I do need to use a blush as it gives my face a kind of blank canvas look – free from blemishes and a more tanned complexion, but all weirdly one colour.  The blush does the trick to make me look a bit rosy J

Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara

I like this mascara because it doesn’t easily clump your eyelashes together.  On holiday or in the summer I hate any eye make up that is thick and gloopy or runs.  My eyelashes are naturally thick and dark, so I just use this more for the curl and exaggeration than anything else.  The brush makes it really easy to use and seperates your eyelashes as you apply it, so you need to pay next to no attention when putting it on.  It also has a growth serum infused into it, so if you use it enough after a while you might not even need to apply mascara for much longer – bonus!

Benefit Lip Gloss in I’m With The Band

Last but not least, I use a slick of Ultra Shine lipgloss from Benefit to complete the look.  I got this miniature lip gloss in a set either last Christmas or sometime last year, and I love it.  It has a slight pearl effect to it and is a nice subtle pink colour.  It’s not incredibly sticky and find it has a relatively good staying power – it also tastes of Watermelon so I LOVE it for that reason!

So that’s my holiday/summer make up routine.  I am never normally one for laying on thick make up anyway, obviously if I was going out at night I would probably add eyeliner/fake eyelashes/strong lipstick. 

Do you have a different make up routine for the summer than to the winter?  Have you found any awesome products/travel sized products you love taking away with you?  I’d love to hear of your routines, or any holiday make up secrets you have...

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