Friday, 19 July 2013

The hardest thing in the world everrrrrrrr

So I am back blogging after suffering from really annoying writers block which consisted of me writing loads of blogs, getting 2 thirds of the way through and then deleting them as I had convinced myself I was talking a load of shit.  This may still be the case, but I don’t feel as bad about it anymore, so deal with it!

To help me combat this writers block, and to give myself a bit of an exercise, I asked my twitter followers (my Twitter handle is @queenmorsh FYI) to all tweet me 1 word, and I would try and include them all in a blog post.  I have written a short piece about LOVE with all words included and believe me now, it was HARD.  My followers definitely weren’t easy on me & please bear in mind some of these words I had never even HEARD of and I found the explanations online - there is a list below detailing the words I was given and the meanings I found online...


The subject of my blog today is LOVE.  Good old fashioned love.  It’s the one thing that differentiates humans from animals, the one thing that we all have in common.  The ability to love overwhelms and consumes some of us, where for others it has a totally different meaning.  It could be as simple as a fiduciary arrangement, nothing more than a matter of convenience, whereas for others it can be spontaneous, consuming, overwhelming and the thing that makes their lives have meaning.  Love can be a peculiar thing. 

Summer is a great time to be single, it’s the winter months where everyone wants to be in a relationship.  In summer you can go out all day drinking with your friends in the sunshine, stay out till late indulging in acts of debauchery and it’s all perfectly acceptable.  Summer is all sunshine and toes out, laying in parks and drinking bubbles after work in the heat.  In the winter you don’t want to go out after work and run the risk of catching some sort of ridiculous winter ailment like Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis (cough).  You want spend your nights chilling, stuffing your face with crumpets in front of the fire at home and just watch a film - if it’s October you need a companion to hide from the ultimate winter nemesis - little kids dressed as dinosaurs, dragons or a mutant princess while they are trick or treating – laying on the floor in a pitch black house giggling while little rascal kids whine through your letterbox is no fun on your own.   

Being in a relationship is all well and good, but when a relationship ends it floors you.  You walk around inconsolable, unable to hold conversations, unable to eat, drink.   You almost feel floccinaucinihilipilification (I know, this is just ridiculous now), like you will never love again.  The mere mention of weddings makes you want to encourage antidisestablishmentarianism (*clears throat*) just because you can’t bear to hear about rings or venues or cakes or HAPPINESS.  SOD OFF EVERYONE.  You let yourself go, eating cakes and fully embracing a lycanthropic state of mind, to the point of almost being moribund.  Your friends gather around you in a state of phalanx, deflecting questions about the break up and protecting you from any potential upset (or seeing the beast your ex is now with).  The entire messy relationship sporadically comes back to you and you can’t remember the bad times – to you it was amazing, nothing short of it.  You’ve forgotten how much you wanted to punch his shrimpy little face in when he left the toilet seat up and invaded your personal space, and it’s because you have created a false ideology about him.  You’re forgetting the frankly perpendicular decline your relationship entered into, and just remembering all those times he bought you tulips when you didn’t feel well and then sat next to you playing the xbox all night which at the time you thought was sweet, but now just realise it’s bullshit.

In short, we might all be getting older, and we might all think we want to settle down, but in reality relationships are nothing more than a pain in the frenulum (I have given up with that one).

List of words I was given:

Sporadic – occasionally, irregular intervals
Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis - type of lung disease
Floccinaucinihilipilification – valueless
Lycanthropic – the delusion in which one imagines oneself to be a wolf or  other wild animal
antidisestablishmentarianism – withdrawal of state support from an established church
Phalanax – any body of troops in close array – military
Moribund – morose, near death
Perpendicular – straight up or down, steep
Fiduciary – legal or ethical relationship or trust between 2 or more parties
Frenulum – small fold underneath tongue

So there you go - would love some contrstuctive critiscism or any comments considering I am doing this for a reason (to try and improve my writing) but as a first task I don't thnk I did TOO badly *dies*

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  1. Sporadically - BOOM. Best word.

    Fair play to you Morsh, you pulled it off.