Thursday, 26 July 2012

Happy 1st Birthday to Me!

My blog is 1 year old today!

When I started my blog I was kind of accosted into it by my friends Faye and Charlie.  I had tried to blog before and always liked the idea of it, but always ended up posting a few times and then forgetting about it for months.  Charlie and Faye sat me down and basically said that I should really look into taking blogging seriously.  I loved Twitter for the openness and the ability to write whatever I want, to whoever was following me.  I LOVE writing as I find it by far the easiest form of communication and I love talking shit about the things I enjoy doing, so starting a blog made sense to me.  For the first few weeks I had Faye encouraging me with daily emails and as the number of readers to my blog grew, the more confident I got with it.

Everyone has their fair share of trolls, I have had horrible comments on my blog about things I have written and people not liking what I have to say.  It’s fine if people disagree with me or don’t like me, but I just don’t understand why they waste their time reading and posting if they think it’s crap?  I write things that are based on my own opinion, not other peoples.  My blog is a place where I can keep my memories, talk about things I love and show you things I like in the hope that you might like them too.  That doesn’t make me a bad person.

My number of Twitter followers has doubled in the last year, regardless of whether this is due to my blog OR just a natural thing.  Twitter is my main source of communicating my blog to people.  I know some of my followers get bored of the blog links, but some of them don’t.  Some people follow me purely to read my blog and pass on their opinions about my blog posts and I love that.  I love hearing if people think something is funny, or well written or even if they don’t agree with what I am saying.  Opinions are better than no opinions, good or bad.

I have been a bit disheartened with the blog recently.  I went through a phase of having lots of things to write about, lots of inspiration and in return lots of readers.  Writers block sounds serious and professional, and for some people it is (if writing is their job) but for me it’s just a pain in the ass.  My blog has opened up many doors, created lots of opportunities, encouraged me, given me lots of pretty make up to play with and enabled me to meet and talk to lots of lovely people.  On nights out I have friends of friends that I have never met saying “oh you’re Morsh, with the blog” and I always get shy when people say they read my blog.  I suppose it’s because I write blog posts as they are in my head, without a thought for anyone else, so it’s like my blog readers can see right into my brain.

My main aim for this blog was to be an outlet for me.  I wanted it to be a place where I can show ‘the real me’, and if other people like to read it, that’s cool.  People have said when they read my blog posts they can imagine me saying it, that my writing style is true to who I am in real life.  This tells me that even if people don’t like my writing, or don’t agree with what I say, within my blog I am true to myself.

I have had an amazing time writing my blog and I really hope I find myself able to start it up properly again in the future.  As much as people say horrible things to me (sometimes), I know there are people out there that like my blog and like to read it.  Thanks to everyone that has read my blog in the last year, and i’d like to say I write these posts for you but I don’t.  I write them for me and I have loved every minute.

P.S Today, on my blog’s 1 year birthday, I have topped 28,000 page views!  Thanks again to everyone that has read my blog in the past, and to YOU, the ones who are reading it now J

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  1. Happy 1st, lovely!

    I know what you mean about getting disheartened but I guess the trick is never to force yourself to blog, if you aren't inspired by anything then don't despair! I'd much rather read something that really matters to someone where you can hear their passion (hello! Liz Jones rants!) than a blog post for the sake of it.