Monday, 14 January 2013

Laqa & Co Nail Pens

Haven’t done one of these posts for a while...

A few months ago the wonderful, amazing, extremely patient Soraya from Powder Rooms sent me one of these Laqa and Co polish pens to trial, and I have finally got around to posting about it.  I was extremely excited to receive one of these pens as they seem like such a good idea and make the prospect of applying nail polish on the go seem more manageable. 

First attempt, 1 coat
I picked the colour Blurple as I am sure you all know that if there’s one thing I cannot resist, it’s a bright purple nail polish.  The pens are almost like a felt tip but with more of a ‘brush’ nib instead of a thick one.  The colour is shown at the end of the ‘pen’ and you click this to push the colour out of the tube into the brush, which is how you apply it onto your nails.  I found this a bit tricky, as the colour would always come out towards the neck of the tube and not push further into the brush, so I would have to scrape the colour onto my nail and then use the brush to spread it out.

Entire hand, 1 coat
The colour is amazing, but the brush makes it quite tricky to apply and not very even.  It’s very ‘liney’ as you can see from the above picture, and although it dries quickly, it almost dries to a matte effect?  This is fine, but was just something that I wasn’t expecting.  It takes a good 4 coats for this polish to be distributed evenly over the entire nail with no streaks and although I liked the finished result, this could be achieved much more easily with a normal nail polish with a decent brush.

Entire hand, 4 coats (finished)
I have used a picture of my nails before the tidy up as I want you to see how easy it was to apply without getting it all over your tips – obviously I tried not to do this, but the more polish you use the more ‘gloopy’ the brush gets making it harder to spread out over the nail – you do kind of end up with just a brush lump covered in polish that you have to keep wiping onto your nail...

Pen 'nib'
All in all I am not too excited about this product after use.  It has it’s good points, being that it’s extremely travel friendly in size and if you have a bit of time to spend taking care and doing your nails slowly and waiting for each layer to dry etc, it would be fine.  There bad points are that I was excited that this would be a product I could use ‘on the go’  when really this isn’t the case at all, and the texture of the polish is very thick and sticky, making it quite hard to paint it on evenly and without streaks.

Lovely idea, amazing packaging, beautiful colours but I just find the good old bottle & brush way slightly easier. 

Have you ever tried Laqa & Co pens?  If so i’d love to hear your thoughts and see if it’s just me that can’t get on with them that well...

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  1. Although they seem like a good idea for touching up on the go, unless you've got time to layer up 4 coats I think I'll stick to rapid dry polish for those occasions.

    Jess xx